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Jack-Pack Videos

Container casters
Here are some videos of the prototype. They are longer and more detailed than the summary intro video on the intro page.
We still have some smaller issues to take care of, but nothing big.

There are currently 6 videos for you to see down below.

1. The first demonstrates the full Jack-Pack unit with the optional hydraulic kit installed.

2. The second demonstrate the Jack-Pack as it is in Basic, without the optional hydraulic kit installed.

3. The third shows how the switching between the Jack-Pack unit and the ordinary hook on our test flatbed is carried out. It also shows the hook possibilities available for containers.

4. The fourth is a demonstration of how the undercarriage on the Jack-Pack unit responds to an uneven surface.

5. The fifth shows how the recommended rear roller cradles responds to an uneven surface when rolling. This cradle solution is not a part of Jack-Pack, but a recommended solution by extensive use of Jack-Pack on uneven surfaces.

6. This is a newer concept video with Ø 485 mm rubber wheels.

7. This is a video that explains how it works, step by step.

The first video shows the Jack-Pack with the optional hydraulic kit installed. Some people ask me: Who want this Jack-Pack without the hydraulic kit? It has some advantages like the fact that if you haul it with a tractor f.ex. and provided the hydraulics are connected you are able to do emergency stops by simply dropping the dumpster to the ground. Especially good under icy conditions.
Another advantage is that the device could easily be switched between different dumpsters even if they are heavy loaded.

The hydraulic hoses connects to any auxilliary outs on either the hook loader or whatever equipment you might have on hand. The Jack-Pack's hydraulic kit is equipped with a quick connector called Multifaster that would easily connect and disconnect under pressure without any oil spillage.


The second video demonstrate the Jack-Pack Basic unit without the optional hydraulic kit. Mechanical leg stands are requiered for this solution to work. It takes only a minute or so in extra time when unloading or loading the dumpster from the hook loader (compared to an ordinary dumpster). The hydraulic version is not faster because you are requiered to connect the hydraulic hoses to operate it.
So some people ask me: Who want's this with the hydraulic kit? The hydraulic kit just adds costs and you have almost the same versatilty with this Basic unit as you have with the full package. 
Well, this is for the customer to decide.
However, there is no emergency stop solution here, but the rollers on the undercarriage is equipped with locks so that you can park it without worrying about it taking off down the road.

The Jack-Pack Basic version operation procedure is also explained step by step on this page.


The third video shows the switching between the Jack-Pack device and the ordinary hook and vice versa. As you will see it takes only a minute or so.


The fourth video shows how the Jack-Packs undercarriage and rollers responds to an uneven ground.


The fifth video shows how the rear roller cradles on our test platform responds to an uneven ground surface.
These roller cradles are not a requiered part, but they are highly recommended if you are planning for lots of rolling on uneven surfaces.


This is a concept video with bigger rubber wheels.

Intro movie

This video shows how it works, step by step

How it works
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