K 18 Mini cable drum handler - Jack-Pack heavy equipment attachments

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K 18 Mini cable drum handler

The Multigrab > Excavator applications
The K 18 Mini shown on this page is suitable for carriers of 8 tons and up. Also check out the bigger K 24 Optimal and K 30 Jumbo models. For general info on the Multigrab see the General info page and don't miss the intro video for this concept.
K 18 cable drum handler

It can handle cable drums of the following sizes
K 6 to K 18 and everything inbetween.
Cable drum handler
The following pictures shows it with crossbar reinforcement
Accessories to Multigrab K 18 Mini model. All of these accessories are driven by the hydraulic rotor disc system on the Multigrab itself. That means no hydraulic components are needed on these units, they are all very simple to manufacture compared to similar existing equipment on the market today. Also all of these accessories fits to the bigger models K 24 Optimal and K 30 Jumbo.
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