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Hook lift containers in ground floor parking garages

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Typical ground floor parking
Typical ground floor parking entry
Typical ground floor parking
Typical ground floor parking
Typical ground floor parking
How many people are planning on renovating an apartment or office in a building where they struggle to find parking for a waste container? You can't always just place a dumpster wherever you find a clear spot that suits your needs, especially in urban areas where space for a waste container is limited.

No more need to apply for a permit to place a dumpster or debris container on a sidewalk or street. (If you are able to move it indoors)

With a Jack-Pack attached to a roll off/hook lift container it is now possible to simply haul it into the basement/ground floor parking areas where there is a parking spot for the apartments or the offices cars and park it there. By doing it this way you will avoid street parking of the dumpster.

The hook loader can now unload the container on the street outside of the building and you can then pull it into your parking spot with a SUV or pick-up truck or similar. When it is fully loaded with debris you just pull it outside again where the hook loader picks it up for dumping and then bring it back to you so you can reload it. As simple as that.

This new possibility also gives advantages in terms of eliminating traffic-related problems, such as traffic clogging and accidents and thus it will improve the overall safety level especially at difficult places like in the city streets and in overcrowded urban areas.
It also allows at the same time a smoother and much safer operation of your construction waste disposal in difficult situations like severe weather conditions (e.g. storms).The waste will no longer fly with the wind and thus you eliminate the possibility of personal injury and property damage caused by strong winds. In addition your dumpster would be protected from being filled with snow when there is heavy snowfall.
Moving it indoors would also help in preventing others from dumping unwanted materials into your dumpster.

Also when new materials are to be delivered for the renovation work you can have it delivered in a hook lift container or on a flatbed equipped with a Jack-Pack unit. By doing it this way you can simply haul the materials into the garages parking spot as well and unload it directly into the elevator and this way bring it up to the renovation areas in the building.

All this is possible thanks to the unique design of the Jack Pack where you have a wheelset with a drawbar that allow it to do a full 90 degree turn to each side which making the dumpster extremly easy to move around. You simply hook it on to almost any vehicle provided with a towing hook. The small rollers on the container keeps the overall height to a minimum and it will therefore be possible to run it virtually anywhere where a normal car enters. This new application will of course apply to all types of buildings where ceiling height is an issue and prevent the use of heavy equipment or trucks to move the dumpsters indoors.

This could easily become one of the most popular uses for Jack Pack and one indispensable equipment for craftsmen at such places because of all the time and effort that would  be saved this way.

It would give one formidable boost for the hook lift system because Jack-Pack now opens for a new niche market where dumpsters never have been considered an option before.

With Jack-Pack we are creating a new market space through a new business concept. This will become a niche market only available with Jack-Pack.
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