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Flatbeds with Jack-Pack container handler attached

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Moving hook lift containers
Flatbed with Jack-Pack mounted

When we work in residential areas with heavy equipment we sometimes have to move these machines from one location to another within the same area. Today we many times just drive them between locations on their own tracks leaving more or less a huge mess on the pavement.

A flatbed equipped with a Jack-Pack® unit is a cheap and suitable trailer for such a task instead of calling in a flatbed truck for every move we have to perform during a day.

It will also become a very handy trailer for moving other heavy utilities around on sites and especially inside buildings where ceiling height and/or door entrance height is an issue. One example is when moving lathes and similar machines from one work shop to another.
Many times the door openings are too low to allow the truck to enter into the building. Moving a lathe with a forklift might be difficult because of narrow door openings due to the fact that with a forklift you will have to move it across instead of lengthwise as you can do when you place the lathe on the flatbed. If there an over head traverse crane in the building you could just lift the load on to a flatbed that you have rolled in and place the load on it. 
When done you can haul it outside and the hookloader will load the whole package in a minute and move it to the next location where you could reverse the process.
Flat bed
Flat bed
Moving a hook-lift container
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